“Kick Internet @$$, Own Google Listings and Chop Your
Competitors Off at the Knees with Internet Marketing
Solutions That Dominate Every Facet of Business”

Your Personal Blueprint To Online Marketing Domination

From the desk of:

kevin_photoKevin Lam, Your personal Internet Marketing Rock Star, with over 15 years  of innovative marketing success on the Internet.

Founder of RankAboveOthers.com and SplashAll.com
Also Internet Marketer, eBusiness Consultant & US Navy Veteran


Dear Business Owner,

I want you to get ready to turn your stale business website into a cash cow, money making machine and take your business globally. I want to increase your business and profits by at least 150{2b8e7e5a08045e33414699a7b7c0e415699051c8f670d79b9b18f2e3062ddbf6} while cutting your advertising budget by as much as 50{2b8e7e5a08045e33414699a7b7c0e415699051c8f670d79b9b18f2e3062ddbf6} in as little as 30 days.

I also want you to:

  • Create Instant Customers and Laser Targeted Prospects Automatically.
  • Build the Biggest & Baddest, Automated Customer List on the Planet in less than 60 Days with Little Time or Effort.
  • Have Instant Credibility and Internet Presence with Video Marketing.
  • Dominate Web 2.0 sites, Google and Other Search Engines with Minimal Effort.

Online Marketing Commitment

Online marketing, a.k.a. Internet marketing, is a very difficult and time intensive commitment. You have to be prepared to make the necessary sacrifices in order to help your business succeed. Whether it’s paying money for advertising, tools and services or spending time and energy on manually marketing your business.

Did you know that 80{2b8e7e5a08045e33414699a7b7c0e415699051c8f670d79b9b18f2e3062ddbf6} of brick-and-mortar businesses still do not have an online presence?

To help business owners get there, we have been presenting our online marketing mind map to the Dallas-Ft. Worth area for quite some time now. Unfortunately, we do restrict ourselves to only certain clients due to our “No Backstabbing Principle” with our active clients.

If we have a previous client that we’ve helped DOMINATE their market, we are not going to sabotage our work and stab them in the back by sharing our successful process with their direct competitors. That’s just plain STUPID. We want to protect their investment and if you are one of our clients, we would do the same for you.

Unfortunately, this is a first-come-first-serve basis. Even if you offered to pay 3 times as much, we cannot stab our clients in the back. That’s our commitment to you as a service provider.

Colleges & Universities Don’t Teach This

You have to realize that there are no colleges or universities out there that teach this.

True Story #1: I met an anthropologist that became a telemarketer.

True Story #2: I met a girl who graduated early from a double major in marketing and advertising just to work as a baby-sitter.

True Story #3: I met a man who has a “masters in business studies and an honors mix of marketing and business law.” His current occupation? Bartender!

Why am I telling you these “true stories?”

A college degree does not give you the power to succeed.
Knowledge is only potential power and until that
knowledge is applied, it is absolutely useless.

I’ve gone to the “school of hard knocks” for over 15 years now. Out there in the field is my classroom. I have yet to receive a diploma and I doubt I ever will because I will never know everything. At least in my mind, it will never be enough.

I have real life experiences of making mistakes, making the right choices, spending hundreds of thousands of dollars and also making it back.

You don’t have to do it the hard way. I can save you the time, money and effort in the blink of an eye.

Request A One-On-One Consultation

For an in-house presentation along with a $2,000 valued resource, it’s a one-time $500 investment. Payment can be made via PayPal on this website or in person upon meeting me or one of my specially trained professionals. Payment must be made in cash or check at the end of the presentation.

Just  fill out the form below to request a live presentation:

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For Those Too Far From Dallas, Texas

If you are not within this area, I can still present you with a customized presentation for $600. Researching, customizing and presenting the mind map is one thing, but I also have to hire a video editor to edit my videos into a professional format and send it over to you. This is an extra cost I want to have covered.

I hope to meet you soon.

To Your Success,
Kevin Lam
Head Project Manager