Mobile Marketing is a very interesting realm to dive into, but you must know what you’re trying to accomplish for your business for it to matter. I don’t want to sound morbid, but diving in head first with no idea what’s ahead will simply get you killed. Literally.

So before you embark on a mobile marketing campaign, here are some things to consider:

  • Despite Google’s poll on how many sites are mobile compatible, a research of over 10,000 top-tier websites shows only 18.7% of them are mobile compatible. When it comes to the top 100 sites analyzed, only 11.8% of these sites are responsive web design.
  • The US Consumer Device Preference Report from MovableInk, 66% of all email in the US is now opened/read on smartphones or tablets and 34% is viewed on a desktop.
  • The top 5 apps used by US consumers are Facebook, YouTube, Maps, Pandora and Gmail. So if you’re going to use advertisement, these are the networks you’ll want to reach.
  • Nearly 75% of mobile subscribers in the US now own smartphones. It may reach 80% or more by end of 2015.

Local Search Stats

  • 61% of smartphone users make local searches from a device (Localeze/15miles Fifth Annual comScore Local Search Usage Study February 2012)
  • 49% of mobile and tablet users conduct local business searches on apps (Localeze/15miles Fifth Annual comScore Local Search Usage Study February 2012)
  • Mentioning a location in an ad or search result can increase click-through rates up to 200% (ThinkNear 2012 via MediaPost)
  • 20% of telecom, 30% of restaurant, and 25% of movie searches are mobile (Google)

Mobile Web vs. Mobile Apps Stats

127.6 million mobile users in the U.S. and 108 million users in Europe consumed mobile media through their mobile browser or application in 2011, about a 30% increase over 2010 (comScore 2012)

In December 2011, 47.6% of the total mobile audience in the U.S. used apps, 47.5% used mobile browsers; in Europe, 38.2% of the total mobile audience accessed mobile media via application, 38.1% used browsers (comScore 2012)

81% of users prefer mobile sites to apps for price research, 79% for product reviews, 63% for purchasing (Adobe Mobile Experience Survey & eMarketer 2011 via SearchEngineLand)

See that?

The mobile phenom has already swept the world. Nearly everyone has a mobile phone. If you walk down any busy street in america, you will be hard pressed to find someone without one. So much so that Pay Phones are going the way of the Dodo bird! It is very hard to find a payphone anymore in most of america!

That is because nearly everyone has a cell phone. Now, more and more people are upgrading older cell phones to Smartphones. Those Smartphones are taking over person computers. Nearly all people keep their cell phones with them or near them 24 hours per day. That means that you should *not* take the approach of the businesses I mentioned above.

If you take that same stand, that you do not care about mobile, maybe you have a Smartphone and only use it to make phone calls (that is what a business owner told us), that does not mean that your patrons do the same with theirs. Your business needs to adapt. Think of Checks. It used to be that businesses did not want to take credit cards, they refused, they took cash and checks only. They would not take cards of any type. Now, it is getting hard to find businesses that take checks. Check CARDS swept the nation. Now Mobile has dominated the world. If your business does not adapt, your business will suffer huge losses.